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Dinner for St Laurence Chapel

Homeless Man

St. Laurence Chapel was a day-shelter for its first 25 years. Then in May 2017, St. Laurence Chapel transitioned to an overnight model. The Chapel asked St. Nicholas if the Holy Grill could serve dinner until the Chapel had a commercial kitchen and could adequately staff it. We readily agreed, even though we had no idea how our little parish would staff it. The impulse to do Good quickly spreads, however. The Holy Grill has been serving dinner at the Chapel Mondays-Thursdays since May 1, 2017, when the Chapel first had overnight guests. Volunteers from St. Gregory’s Episcopal Church staff the Holy Grill on Mondays. Volunteers from St. Mary Magdalene’s Episcopal Church staff the Holy Grill on Tuesdays, Volunteers from St. Nicholas staff the Holy Grill on Wednesdays. And the Thursday team consists of St. Nicholas parishioners and independent volunteers from the community.

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