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The Holy Grill Of St. Nicholas

feeding ministry to benefit
the homeless and working poor.

Most Homeless people we serve are vulnerable. They live isolated from most people, programs and resources because they don't know where to go.

Join us in helping others,  by Feeding Bodies and Souls. 
The Holy Grill also renders assistance in the wake of hurricanes and natural disasters.

Since ministry inception in September 2016 the Holy Grill has served over 49,665 hot, spirit-lifting meals with the help of over 12,709 volunteer hours. Also, 1/3 of the volunteers come from outside the parish. 

We listen and try to respond to real needs.  We at St. Nicholas discerned the need to move outside the walls of the church and beyond the boundaries of fixed sites to meet the homeless where they’re at, offering a hot, spirit-lifting meal.

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your generosity in volunteering time and donating funds for this ministry enables us to touch and change lives.

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Volunteer to make a difference
in a life.

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Find out where the Holy Grill is appearing as a food vendor at regional festivals with classic and delicious English/Celtic food for sale to fund our mobile feeding ministry.

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Your sponsorship and donations enable us to provide hot, spirit-lifting meals to the homeless and working poor.

Our Core Values 

Christ’s Church at St. Nicholas Welcomes, Affirms, and Serves All Who Are ...

Singers destined for American Idol fame or, like our Pastor, just striving to hover close to the right note …
White or a Person of Color, Native or Foreign Born, Male, Female, or a  Person of the World …
Straight, Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Transgender, or Still Questioning …
Single, Married, Widowed, Divorced, Separated, Partnered, Celibate by Choice, or  Waiting for the Right One …

With or Without Child, Are a Child, or Long to be a Child, Healthy, Wounded, or Just Tired …
Rich, Poor, or Squeezed in the Middle …
Republican, Democrat, Independent, Socialist, or Not Registered to Vote …
Baptist, Buddhist, Roman Catholic or Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, Spiritual But Not Religious, 
Agnostic, “Unchurched,” or a Cradle Episcopalian …
Let’s All Journey Together in Service, Love and Acceptance


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Our Mission Statement

Going outside the walls of the church and beyond the boundaries of fixed sites, to serve hot, spirit-lifting meals to the homeless and working poor, feeding bodies and souls, while also ready to assist first responders and victims of natural disasters.


The Holy Grill has been a blessing for do many in South Florida. I am proud to be a part of it.

Isela Gonzalez  

I am very impressed and appreciate your enthusiasm, dependability and heart for this work. 


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